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Pylyp Sukhenko
Jul 18, 2022

How Stateless streamlined their content production with Squareshot

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About Stateless

Stateless is a team of fashion design and industry experts passionate about producing fresh/functional apparel and memorable brands in the most creative, efficient and effective way possible. With a global network of manufacturers, vendors, and advisors we help entrepreneurs, investors, designers, and established companies in various industries navigate the apparel design and production process to create lasting, profitable fashion lines.

We chatted with Evan Polivy, Director of Brand Development at Stateless, to learn more about the role that Squareshot plays in the agency's production cycle as well as the impact that it had on creative processes.

Evan Polivy, Director of Brand Development at Stateless

The role of content

Alongside Stateless, we have delivered product photos to a dozen of brands in different niches – from traditional streetwear to casual pieces for petite demographic.

EVAN POLIVY: We place a large emphasis on content. Our apparel team will help our clients design and produce super high quality products, but if those products aren’t photographed and presented in a professional way, online customers won’t fully trust or comprehend that quality.

Delegating product photography responsibility

One of the common reasons why brands transition from freelance photographers to product photo studios is the hassle of managing too many variables. There's a level of uncertainty that comes with rescheduling, finding a studio space, and aligning work schedules of project creatives.

EVAN POLIVY: Before we started working with Squareshot, we would help clients fully produce product shoots from scratch – contracting freelance photographers, renting studios, renting equipment, setting up lighting, etc. It was way more expensive and time consuming. Now, by being able to connect clients with Squareshot, we are able to save our clients time and money while also getting them higher quality content that we then use when developing their website and social campaigns.

Squareshot takes on responsibility for the entire process of production management. All you need to do is provide your product and visual preferences, needs.

EVAN POLIVY: I’ve learned that great product photography requires very specific technical expertise and experience that is drastically different from the skills required for on-the-street lifestyle photography, so I think it’s critical to work with photographers who have strictly focused their careers on the craft of shooting products in studios.

Streamlining product photography

Why is streamlining product photography so important? Ecommerce is an industry where delivering products to online shelves at the right time will make or break your entire business. A reliable content production partner that can be integrated into your production cycle is a must if you'd like to achieve timely repetitive success with product imagery.

EVAN POLIVY: We’ve been able to streamline our workflow, which has been amazing. The Squareshot team has also taught us about creative possibilities beyond standard front, back, etc. coverage with things like "group shots” and interesting detail shots to high specific product features.

I can’t speak to working with other product photography studios, but I’ve worked with several freelance product photographers who have been a pleasure to work with and delivered great content, but because they were freelance individuals and not a streamlined platform, the cost and time was much higher and therefore less beneficial to my clients.

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The partnership of Stateless and Squareshot minimizes the risk of not delivering the products to online shelves or delivering them on bad terms. Launching an ecommerce brands is a lot about navigating through countless vendors, manufacturers, creatives, and so on. Together, Stateless and Squareshot provide a reliable net of specialists that make the product release process much more sustainable.

EVAN POLIVY: Most recently we worked with Squareshot to produce on-model and flat shots for the brand East On Rodeo. The shots are incredible. Squareshot was able to help maintain a cohesive feeling across all of the shots, give us content that is being used in a variety of ways across the website, social media, etc., and help clearly showcase the fit and functionality of the brand’s unique products.

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July 18, 2022

How Stateless streamlined their content production with Squareshot

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