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Liz Kasian
Apr 22, 2021

How Bocce’s Created Consistent Brand Image with Product Photography

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Great brands are built through the consistent delivery of the brand promises.

This is a must for any online store that wants to be more than a local business. How to keep your brand consistent, when you are selling via multiple digital chann els, your brand has several product lines, dozens of products in each, with different color-size-shape variations of every product? Seems like a tough one.

Bocce’s Bakery had the same challenge and we were happy to polish it off.

Our product shots are the first thing a consumer sees – so it’s important that we go with the best, for us that is Squareshot.

– Maddie, Marketing Coordinator at Bocce’s

Who is Bocce’s Bakery?

Bocce’s likes to keep things simple. They believe dogs deserve just all the best: all-natural, real food and treats… lots and lots of treats!

Bocce’s Founder, Andrea, started the company in a tiny West Village kitchen with a mixer, an oven, and a scruffy mutt named Bocce. The most important: she did that with the belief that dogs deserve better.

Today, they still keep the ingredient lists short, batches small, and the ovens toasty. And it’s always a family affair.

The Challenge

Our challenge was consistency within brand imagery. We believe that this consistency and high-quality photography is essential to the online buying experience.

– Maddie, Marketing Coordinator at Bocce’s

With each new product line, the team noticed that their overall brand became more vague. The essential consistency became less fluid. The team made an assumption – what if the reason is in the product images? A bunch of images taken at different angles, with that amount of product lines, looked a bit confusing.

The Solution

Bocce’s Bakery decided to trust us with such an important mission. All 6 product lines, 9 subcategories and 50+ products should look as a whole. And we did our best.

We needed consistency across all product lines and with Squareshot, we received that. They made the entire process smooth and the customer service was excellent!

– Maddie, Marketing Coordinator at Bocce’s

The Result

Our new product imagery looks great on the website! We have also used this photography to send to our stockists for their marketing projects – which has been highly successful.

– Maddie, Marketing Coordinator at Bocce’s

180+ sharp and clear product images for Bocce’s Bakery were delivered by the moment we were writing this piece. Now, this imagery creates a solid brand appearance in all of their communication channels. Bocce’s Bakery works with more than 3000 stockists and their new product images are now used in their marketing projects and activities.

We love the idea that our work helps our clients: to get a better brand image, to find and establish important partnerships and create a pleasant and consistent experience for all their customers.

If you think that your online store could use some consistency in your product photography for your growth, we'd be happy to work together. Squareshot boasts a diverse portfolio and can accommodate niche photo requests. Give it a shot! 

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Product A
April 22, 2021

How Bocce’s Created Consistent Brand Image with Product Photography

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