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Beauty product Photography

From skincare to makeup, showcase your beauty products in use with our model photography services. Customize the shoot to meet your brand direction and budget needs.
*Required options marked with red
shoot type
Choose how you want your beauty products to be photographed. If you want to select multiple options, you need to customize and add each shoot type one by one.
from $50/image
Membership pricing applies. Select a shoot type to get an estimate.
- Retouching;
- Ready-to-use image specs;
- Dedicated Account Manager;
- Dedicated Producer;
- Creative briefing call (on-demand);
- Unlimited usage license for product shots;
- Revisions (view our Revision policy);
- 30 days of post-shoot item storing.
- If you require for your beauty products to be manipulated (squeezed, poured, sprinkled) or used for swatches, please provide multiple samples per product.
- Unless you'd like to include product labels in the images, please remove them before delivering the products.
Shipping options
1. Once you have accepted the proposal and confirmed models for the shoot (or submitted “Terms of Conduct & Usage for your own models), you can schedule a drop-off of your product(s) at the Squareshot studio assigned to your project.
2. Alternatively, you can generate a shipping label with the logistics provider of your choice and provide us with the tracking number.

Return options
1. Schedule a pick-up from the Squareshot studio;
2. Send us a prepaid return label for your shipment;
3. Choose an option for Squareshot to donate these items.

For more information visit our Shipping page.
Shooting complex (inc. reflective and transparent items), oversized (larger than 30'x30'x30 dimensions) or defective products (damaged or containing manufacturing imperfections) may increase the cost per image or incur additional fees.

Additional post-processing of images, such as custom file formatting (TIFF, PSD, PNG) and colored backgrounds also come at a separate fee. Please review the full list of aspects that may affect your final project cost in our Policy as well as a list of available additional services.

For elements that may affect your pricing when booking model shoots, please review our Model Photography policies.
How it works
Submit a request
TO get a proposal
Build a cart of services you
want, finalize request, and get a proposal containing price, turnaround time, and delivery details in 24h or less.
Ship Or Drop off
your products
Once you accept the proposal, deliver your products to our Los Angeles or New York studios. We offer test shots if needed and send you an invoice to proceed.
Get shots in
8 business days or less
Once invoice is paid, turnaround begins. You’ll get a link to approve and download the shots when they are done. Edits are accepted. Read our revision policy.
Submit a request to get a proposal
Customize your model shoot, finalize request, and get a proposal with price, turnaround time, and delivery details in 24 hours or less.
Cast models and deliver your products
Once you accept the proposal, pick from Squareshot models or provide your own. After models are confirmed, deliver your products to our Los Angeles or New York studios.
Confirm best shots and download once ready
Upon delivery, confirm item fit (optional) and pay the invoice. Next, schedule a shoot day and approve images as they are photographed. Once images are retouched, you’ll get a link to approve and download them.
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Still have questions?
Once your products are delivered to Squareshot and we confirm that the items match the proposal, we’ll send you an invoice. Once you’ve made the payment, we’ll proceed to the shooting stage.

We use Stripe, so you can pay with all major Credit/Debit cards as well as ACH transfers.
After the proposal is accepted, deliver the items to the assigned location via a drop-off or by using one of the major shipping providers.

Drop-off time: Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Please do not ship or drop off your products before the proposal is accepted, and make sure it meets the Product Requirements and follows the Delivery Checklist.
Membership plans give you a lower price per image, reduced turnaround time, and have no minimum order amount. Membership pricing applies on all orders placed after the membership starts. Learn more about the Membership Plans available.
Yes, standard retouching is included for every image you order. Any complex manipulations, such as changing the product's original shape or fixing damages and defects, will be charged additionally.
We start shooting your project the next business day once we receive the payment. There are 2 image delivery speeds (based on the selected membership plan):

takes 6-8 business days* since we receive the products and the payment.

takes 3-4 business days* since we receive the products and the payment.

*excluding holidays and applies for orders up to 50 standard images.
Once the images are ready, you will receive a link that can be accessed from any device. This link will allow you to view, approve, and download the images. Please note that you have 10 calendar days to request edits after receiving the link.
Once you receive an approval link for your images, you have 10 calendar days to request edits. Revisions requested outside of the approval period are still processed, however, they will be paid.

Please highlight areas needing attention and provide clear instructions or references. We appreciate any information that can assist us in meeting your expectations.

Edits could be either free or paid, depending on the cases outlined in our Revision Policy.
We do not issue refunds for photography services, retouching services, and additional services that have already been completed and delivered in the form of received images.

However, we do offer "remote approval" and "remote shoot" services, as well as free or paid revisions to improve the final outcome.

For more details, please review our Revision Policy and carefully read our full Refund Policy before proceeding with the project.
Can I proceed if my project doesn't
meet the minimum order amount?
Absolutely! However, you will need to cover the difference between the cost of the images you ordered and the cost of 20 equivalent images. This is required to cover the minimum talent booking time and pre-production fees.
Can I build a shoot using both a
Squareshot and my own model?
Certainly! In such cases, the standard Squareshot casting process and a minimum order of 20 images (10 for each model type) still apply.
What if I fail to show up for
a model shoot?
If the client-contracted model(s) or brand representative is unable to join the remote or in-studio shoot within 2 hours without any notice or fails to show up, a no-show fee will be applied and the shoot will be automatically rescheduled without additional charges. Please read our сancellation & rescheduling terms, and no-show & late fees documents for more info.
Can I bring the items on the day of
the shoot?
Items that require fitting on models should be sent in advance. Products that do not require fitting, or are shot without models, can be brought with you on the shoot day. However, this isn't recommended because all products are processed and prepared for the shoot in advance to avoid unexpected issues and delays.
Can I change the guidelines during
the shoot?
Yes, you can slightly change the guidelines during the shoot if they don't significantly affect the overall complexity or duration of the photoshoot and retouching process. Remember that the changes should not reduce the number of deliverables specified in the original proposal, as the shoot is planned based on a predetermined volume. If the guidelines change, extra retouching fees may apply if they increase the complexity of the post-production process.
How many models are included
in the price?
For every 10 images ordered, the cost of 1 model is included in the price per image. If you want to include additional models not covered by the per-image price, it will cost $900 per model.

Example: If you order 35 images and want 4 models to be photographed per shoot, here's the price breakdown: 35 images X $200/image + $900 for the 4th model = $7,900.
Who provides the outfits for model photoshoots?
You can either provide your own outfits or use our "Complete the Outfit" add-on service for $100 per outfit. This service includes selecting clothes, coordinating accessories, choosing shoes, layering and styling outfits, recommending hair and makeup (if applicable), and conducting fittings and adjustments.
Can I change the on-shoot approval
option before the shoot has started?
If you've booked an in-studio shoot but can't attend physically, you can switch to remote approval at no extra cost. Please notify your Account Manager at your earliest convenience.
Can I change the number of
deliverables during the shoot?
For each deliverable, we photograph multiple variants of the same image (angle, styling, composition, outfit, etc.) to create a selection pool. You can choose more images from the selection pool than outlined in the original proposal. Each additional image will come at a rate of 50% of the original image price. However, you cannot choose fewer than the number specified in the original proposal, as the shoot is planned based on a predetermined volume.

Requests for new images (angles, styling, composition, outfit) that differ from the original shot list and extend the production time are considered new deliverables and come at full price.
What if I can't attend the shoot on
the proposed dates?
We propose the day for the shoot within 3 business days after the invoice is paid. If you can’t attend for remote or in-studio approval, we'll propose a date within your availability. Please note that the project turnaround time will be extended by the number of days between the initially proposed date and the actual shoot day.