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Pylyp Sukhenko
Jul 26, 2021

Success Story: The Loyalist x Squareshot

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The business maker

The Loyalist, at it's core, is a platform for building consumer businesses with a full-cycle line of services. Once a product reaches its content production stage – Squareshot comes in.

Across our collaboration, we've participated in the launch of a dozen brands and businesses.

Behind the collaboration

To explore further what makes the collaboration between The Loyalist and Squareshot successful, we've chatted with Mach Iuliano, responsible for brands operations at the brand building platform.

What role does Squareshot play in the ecosystem of brand development and your production cycle?

Squareshot is our go-to provider for uniquely high quality and custom photography shots. They service all levels of our clients' needs in preparing our products for high-traffic sites.

What made you choose Squareshot and, more importantly, what made you stay with us?

We continue to use Squareshot for their high quality shots, easy to use orders page, and detailed customization to photos that really is unmatched. The customer service is timely and helpful to boot :).

Has your approach to content production changed across the collaboration with Squareshot?

Our confidence in conversations with clients increases in regards to photography and ecomm graphics, because of Squareshot. The approach gets easier in that regard as Squareshot grows!

Part of the cycle

Photographing over 50,000 product images came with an insight on consumer brands – cutting down the time-to-market is a continuous challenge. At Squareshot, we optimize all the processes to ensure that content production is the instance that will consume the least amount of time and energy of our clients and will be fully fulfilled by our studios.

Together with The Loyalist, we've worked towards reaching the balance between quality content and turnaround time. Hopefully, we can do the same for our new clients.

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July 26, 2021

Success Story: The Loyalist x Squareshot

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