Squareshot for Creatives

Let aesthetic drive your creativity

Squareshot for Creatives

Let aesthetic drive your creativity

Create precise shooting directions for our pros in minutes instead of days or hours and get the images in 5-8 business days.*

Save your time on emails

Add new orders online in minutes. Does not matter how many items you need to shoot. No more endless email threads, long meetings, or exhausting phone calls.

Share your vision precisely

Create explicit instructions for our photo production team. Our ordering process includes all the specifications you need to remove all assumptions for our team.

Get consistent results

Get your consistent, tack-sharp product images from shoot to shoot. Save the guidelines and easily re-order with your established instructions when needed.

Really experienced team delivers images far better than most, for far less. I had them shoot our hardest products first, as a test, and they nailed it. If they can do this, they can easily do the rest of our products. Also, I’m pretty impressed with their attitude. Hard working dudes with a ton of prior experience.

Brian Hann
Designer and co-Founder

Product photography

We provide on-demand product photography service with a free trial, free shipping and transparent pricing accessible at your fingertips.

High-end retouching

It's not just another background removal service. We deliver high-end retouched, ready to go images that grow your business and reduce production costs.

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most recent work

Squareshot has delivered 25,000+ images for over 600 fast-growing brands with 98% acceptance rate.

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★★★★★Customers rated us 5.0 out of 5 on Google and Shopify. More than 600+ brands use Squareshot to grow their business.

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