E-commerce Does not Exist without product photos.
We’re on a mission to make the easiest way to order them on the internet.

2017 / The beginning of Squareshot in New York

2018 / Move to a larger studio in Brooklyn

2021 / Opening of our first studio in California

2022 / Move to a brand new space in New York City

2017 / The beginning of Squareshot in New York

2018 / Move to a larger studio in Brooklyn

2021 / Opening of our first studio in California

2022 / Move to a brand new space in New York City








The skillset that put Squareshot at an advantage is the same skillset that made our first business fail.

Alex, co-founder and CEO of Squareshot

In 2016, my partner Dmitiry Kovalenko and I were developing our first startup – a marketplace for used luxury items. We lacked experience and capital to overcome a common marketplace problem of what came first – the chicken or the egg*. It also turned out that the images we shot for our used items were "too good" to be believable. So, we decided to pivot and start Squareshot.

*Chicken-and-egg problem occurs when marketplaces have to figure out what comes first – supply or demand.

In 2017, Dimitry and I were still scattered across the globe. Early on, we collaborated on photoshoots using Skype. Our very first clients came from a local fair across the road from our first studio in NYC. I brought them on board and showed how much we could do with a little bit of their trust and 24 hours.

With little to no resources, but just enough ambition to compensate for it we made it work. We transformed remote work from a disadvantage into Squareshot's core asset. Long before it became the new normal.

Today, Squareshot is a product photography service with a network of studios across the US. We employ talented experienced professionals. We are still scattered across the world, purposefully.

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We’re technology-driven.

We test new technologies all the time. Our tech team working hard to analyze what could be improved based on the data and customer feedback.



Ordering product images have to be as convenient as possible. In photo production, sometimes, things don't go as planned. Our client success team is here to help you along the way.


We aim to be transparent and predictable.

Our pricing is simple. Turnaround time is defined and the process is thoughtfully described. We have a 98% image acceptance rate with 99% orders delivered on time.


We help clients that are starting out

At Squareshot, more than 50% of brands are new to photography. We help them understand how photography can impact their business. From guides and articles to regularly updated glossary and podcast.


At Squareshot, we believe that ambitious results can be achieved without detriment to our lives and relationships. We promote a healthy work environment, where the key emphasis falls on a simple human value – respect.

We are a team of doers – energetic, highly responsive, but most importantly – curious.

We are always in pursuit to expand our team, as you never know when you’ll find a like-minded human. We've also seen incredible success tracking results, not time. Corporate bureaucracy does not stand in the way of our progress.

If you align with these values and you feel that we might find professional common ground – reach out to us at hello@squareshot.com



The approximate turnaround time for orders up to 50 images is 8 business days* after wereceive your products and payment.

Rush orders can be completed twice as faster as the Standard turnaround time and usually takes up to 4 business days* to complete.

*excluding holidays


1. You can schedule a drop-off of your product(s) at the Squareshot office assigned to your project.

2. You can generate UPS/USPS shipping label by adding a shipping address in the Heroshot. You'll get the label by email once you accept the proposal.

3. You can generate a shipping label with the shipping service of your choice and provide us with the tracking number



1. You can schedule a pick-up from the Squareshot studio.

2. You can upload a prepaid return label to your shipment.

3. You also have an option to make a return request, where we will take the responsibility of a return onto ourselves. This happens in individual cases, if there were made special arrangements.

If you don’t need your products back, you simply do not make a return shipping request.


We have a per-image fixed pricing for each category of service (standard photo, group photo, hand model photo, etc). You can also purchase a membership (Growth and Enteprise), which grants you a cheaper base price. There's a 300$ minimum order for non-members.

Can I provide examples?

Sure! We encourage all our clients to provide references to understand what result you would like to achieve.

Can I be present during the shoot?

Unfortunately, no. Our production model is built around efficiency, remote coordination, and fixed pricing. We have introduced the necessary tools to support effective online collaboration.

Do you accept revisions?

Yes, any revisions made due to Squareshot's failure to follow your shooting directions are free of charge. Any revisions made due to unclear directions from the client which were open to interpretation and assumption will be paid.

Do you provide retouching?

Yes, standard retouching is included for every image you order. Any complex manipulations such as fixing product damages will be paid.