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Pylyp Sukhenko
Aug 25, 2022

How Foodmatch took photography out of in-house with Squareshot

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Founded in 1996, FOODMatch, a producer and importer of Mediterranean specialty foods, regularly creates photo and video content to support marketing and communication around their products. It varies from product photos to recipe images and guided walk throughs of products. They primarily use content on their websites and social media as well as in B2B advertising.

FOODMatch came to Squareshot due to a lack of internal bandwidth to create the amount of content they wanted to. Squareshot was able to cover the packaging and product photography needs, but the company also creates recipe images and video.

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"We looked for a product partner who is quick, good quality, and consistent with lighting and style of photography they are taking," – Hilary Goodwill, Senior Manager at FOODMatch.

Squareshot and FOODMatch began its collaboration in 2021 and has been working together ever since. 

Before working with Squareshot, FOODMatch created its content in-house.

"Quality was ok, but not great. This process became untenable after some changes in staff and a new approach to how we wanted to capture packaging photography," adds Goodwill.

It took some work to establish a streamlined product photography process, especially because you are working with food.

"We have a process of, ideally, sending groups of unlabeled packaging to Squareshot to be photographed. I also work with a renderer who then digitally applies labels to the unlabeled images. Things are pretty stream-lined and it's nice to not have to photograph in-house," says Goodwill.

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Reaching creative objectives

With Squareshot, FOODMatch was able to take product photography out of the in-house and regularly get high-quality images.

"This [collaboration] has allowed us to implement our hybrid photo/rendering plan for packaging photography," comments Hilary Goodwill.
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August 25, 2022

How Foodmatch took photography out of in-house with Squareshot

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