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Liz Kasian

How to Stay Focused on Your Business: Industry Standard Success Story

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How many times have you found clothes that were stylish, made of quality fabrics, gentle against the skin, comfy fit – and then the price tag just ruined it all? 

You would be a lucky one if you didn't get flashbacks now! Usually, something from the above is not true. You can't get all of it, and the exceptions are sadly rare.

At Squareshot, our team was fortunate enough to meet one of those unique exceptions on our shooting scene. And now we're happy to introduce them in our Client's Success Story.

Please, meet Industry Standard, and the CEO of the brand – Molly Crossin. 

Squareshot client Industry standard apparel brand
"Through our collection of American-made jeans, tees, and sweatshirts, we're helping women build a timeless foundation to their wardrobe. Our mission is simple: set a new industry standard for apparel."

– Molly, CEO at Industry Standard

Who is Industry Standard?

Vogue called Industry Standard jeans collection "A New Denim Line That's Easy on the Eyes and the Wallet." Plain silhouettes, pleasant colors – we definitely agree on this.

Industry Standard is a woman founded and owned wardrobe fundamentals company. From the very beginning, they had a great mission: to help women build a foundation for their wardrobe. A foundation that's built to last, is available at reasonable prices, and topped with personal customer service. 

Industry Standard brand

The Challenge

"Demonstrating the detail and quality of our garments has proven challenging, especially at scale. So we turned to Squareshot to help us get the perfect images of every piece in our collection."

– Molly, CEO at Industry Standard

Industry Standard takes pride in the quality of every garment they make, from organic tees to soft sweatshirts and small-batch denim. The question was – when you put that much effort into your collection, how to showcase all nuanced details and quality to online shoppers?

When your customers can touch and feel the softness of the T-shirt fabrics, it's easy to demonstrate your brand's quality. Every brand selling online meets a challenge to communicate that feeling through the screen of shopper's iPhones.

Industry Standard asked us to assist them with this mission. And well, we are sincerely proud to show you the result:

The Solution

"Team takes care of getting us high-quality images quickly and efficiently (even steaming each piece!) This let's get our new products up on the site and out into the world faster and more affordably than we could."

– Molly, CEO at Industry Standard

Industry Standard reached out to us at the end of March, exactly a year ago. And we started with a few flat-lay photographs of their tees.

We know how complicated the production process is for online brands: so we built Squareshot in a way that will support our clients on every single step: from choosing angles and creating a photoshoot brief, to shipping the products, and preparing them for shoot with a steaming when needed.

And when the new collection is out, and it’s only the matter of photo production duration – how fast your customers will see it? Squareshot is making everything to deliver you brand-new photographs of your pieces in a matter of a few days.

"We chose Squareshot because it's the perfect combination of convenience and quality."

– Molly, CEO at Industry Standard

That is what we all are working for – to make our clients' lives easier, and their brands look as they wish.

The Result

"Our new photos help people examine the quality of our craftsmanship up close before making a purchase. Just as important, the seamlessness of the process has allowed us to focus on what we're best at: designing and manufacturing updated versions of classic clothes."

– Molly, CEO at Industry Standard

Industry Standard outsourced to us a big and essential part of the work, to stay focused on their garments, quality of their pieces, and keeping their customers happy. And we are more than happy to help them in their mission. That is a partnership we genuinely wish everyone to have. 

If you noticed that production takes way too much your time, start thinking about outsourcing it or finding a freelancer to free yourself some time and get back to being focused on more important business goals. We have aspecial deal for you – try to get this job done by us, and if you'd like the result – get back fo more.

We offer you $100 store credit, so you can try us with no risk for your business. Let us know how it went!

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How to Stay Focused on Your Business: Industry Standard Success Story

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