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Liz Kasian

How Online Beauty Store Founders Increased Sales by 20% with Product Images

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Our clients’ victories are our own little personal success stories and a reason to be proud. Especially when a result of our work is such an impressive success that came in such a short time.

iQ Natural has been with us less than 4 months and they’ve been reported over a +20% boost in their sales. Let's see how they did it.

After we changed old photos to our new photographs from Squareshot our sales increased by over 20% on all fronts. That was a boost we really needed.

We became able to hire new team members, add additional product ranges to our choices and increase our charitable outreach opportunities.

– Rabecka Houfek, Founder and CEO at iQ Natural

Who is iQ Natural?

iQ Natural is an all-natural makeup and organic skincare company. Rabecka, founder of the iQ Natural struggled since childhood with sensitive skin until she gave up on drug store and counter products and took matters into her own hands. Developing skincare products intended just for personal use quickly grew to producing for friends and family, to hiring her first employee, and now to producing for clients across the globe.

The Challenge

iQ Natural always has been a “do it yourself” company. They make their own formulas, bottle all the products and design all the graphics. Yet such a simple thing as taking photos became troublesome.

The team was frustrated with the inability to take photos of small items. It seemed like the images didn’t illustrate their products to potential customers at their finest. The company was spending hundreds of dollars a day on marketing that was not as successful as it needed to be.

They were not pleased with how their products were presented visually. In addition, they were losing potential customers. It seemed like a waste of time and budgeting. iQ Natural wanted to move their website to Shopify from an old platform and realized that they have a lot of photos, and they are not sure where all those images were stored.

It had been so long since we had taken them. The idea to do that again by ourselves was so painstaking and frustrating. My partner and I both have so much other work to do, I could not even imagine having to start over.

– Rabecka Houfek, Founder and CEO at iQ Natural

The Solution

iQ Natural decided to risk their “do it yourself” principle and outsource their beauty product photography, to see what would come out of it. Rabecka simply found us via Google search and we decided to make the first try.

I sent off my first batch of products to Squareshot and was so impressed with the turnaround time, a great plus for new product launches — to get shots quick and easy.

I presented the photos to my partner and he was impressed. To be honest, I really didn’t think anything would pass his scrutiny. I was surprised.

– Rabecka Houfek, Founder and CEO at iQ Natural

The Result

We were happy to receive a new challenge and try to persuade that DIY is not always the best option when it comes to business solutions. We are passionate about our photographs, and the little challenge is just something we use to work even harder for a better result.

The ease of the system really sold me. I had to simply check the boxes and pick the type of photos we needed. Every time I had a question, your team was right on it.

We had some challenging projects and you made them a breeze!

– Rabecka Houfek, Founder and CEO at iQ Natural

iQ Natural sells through many channels, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Groupon. All these channels were renewed with brand-new, clear and sharp photographs of their products.

After that renewal company’s sales increased by over 20%. That was a big advantage for iQ Natural and a success for our Squareshot team. All those improvements a iQ Natural could make: hire new team members, add additional product ranges, increase our charitable outreach opportunities — this is why we are here. We will handle your product images perfectly and free your time for investing in your growth, your team, and your product.

Feel free to check out our portfolio to find more success stories and quality product imagery. Squareshot offers a transparent and straightforward pricing policy as well as a variety of subscription models to make the product photography process simpler and more affordable. Give our service a try! 

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How Online Beauty Store Founders Increased Sales by 20% with Product Images

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