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Pylyp Sukhenko
Mar 24, 2022

Heroshot: new simplified order and production management process

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In the beginning of February, we have introduced a new order and project management process. The new process will now use Heroshot, a production management software, as a platform for all future operations.

Why change the old process?

Since the launch of Squareshot in 2017, we've been working towards maximizing efficiency across all stages of content production. E-commerce is rapidly growing, however, traditional photography studios are lagging behind.

Productization of services was one of the major initiatives that we introduced at Squareshot to simplify the product photography experience for our clients. We transformed our services into definable products with fixed prices. This has allowed for more predictability and clarity.

Now, it's time to replicate our success in relation to the order process; give our clients the necessary tools to effectively manage their shoots.

New order process

Intake form

First, we are stepping away from lengthy order forms and premature registration. Now, the form will consist of service selection, your preferred location for the shoot, budget, number of products, and brand information that can be left blank if you are a returning client. You'll also be able to attach supporting files – references, guidelines, etc.


Once the order form is submitted, our manager will come back to you with a proposal.

Based on the info you have submitted, our team will develop a shooting plan that includes number of photos, angles, and stylistic direction. After shooting almost 100k images for over 2k brands, we've gained the experience to take a proactive approach on shoots. However, if you are coming to us with a clear vision, simply share it through references/guidelines and we'll implement it.

In addition to the shot list, the proposal will also contain a studio location assigned to the project (NY, LA, AU), turnaround time, and cost of services. You'll have the option to either accept the proposal or request any changes.

Shipment and payment

Once the proposal is confirmed, you will receive a shipping request with the following options:

  • Upload a tracking number (created through a 3rd party service)
  • Create & buy a shipping label (directly through Heroshot)
  • Schedule a drop-off (pick the date, time, and location to drop off your products)

After we receive your products, our production team verifies the number and condition of the items. If everything is in accordance with the proposal, we send out an invoice. Within the 24-hour period after the invoice is paid, we begin to shoot.

Simplified communication

The core of Heroshot's project management is Chat. We've analyzed many project communication tools and realized that chat is the most convenient one. However, Heroshot takes it a step further. Through the Heroshot chat, our managers will be able to convert any message you send into boards, invoices, or even new projects. The chat will also serve as the center for all notifications and status updates.

Product return

Once the images are finished, you will receive an approval link directly to your chat conversation. Within the approval page, you will be able to accept images or request edits if necessary. After the images were accepted, you can navigate to the shipping tab and set up a return in one of the following ways:

  1. You can schedule a pick-up from the Squareshot studio.
  2. You can upload a prepaid return label to your shipment.
  3. You also have an option to make a return request, where we will take the responsibility of a return onto ourselves. This happens in individual cases if special arrangements were made.
  4. If you don’t need your products back, you simply do not make a return shipping request.

How will Squareshot's processes evolve with Heroshot

Heroshot, as a software, is only at its infancy stage. A lot of features that will accommodate content production are soon to be developed. As we move further into the year, Heroshot will gradually introduce many new tools to bring more creative freedom to content producers and allow for more clarity for brands. All to achieve a clear, straightforward, and effective product photography cycle.


How to start?

Click here to start your order process. Fill out an intake form and we will send you a proposal within 24 hours.

Can I get access to the old order form?

Unfortunately, it's no longer available. If you have purposefully or accidentally submitted your order using the old process, it won't be processed. Please use the new form.

Can I get access to my order history?

Yes, here's the link. However, all new orders will be commissioned and managed through Heroshot.

What if I found an error or would like to see something improved?

Great! We welcome feedback and strive to implement updates that will make our processes and software more effective. Please send it to our Client Relationship Managers through Heroshot chat or to our email with a subject line “Heroshot feedback".

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March 24, 2022

Heroshot: new simplified order and production management process

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