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Liz Kasian
Nov 7, 2021

E-commerce Weekly Digest #1. Top 5 Stories of This Week

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#1: 10 unique lead generation strategies: straight from the private swipe files and secret marketing playbooks of the pros.

Our numero uno this week is a collection of amazing lead generation examples. No, these are not something you can read on every second marketing blog, neither hear in a podcast. 10 fresh, creative ideas, successfully implemented, with a step-by-step explanation provided by their creators.

FYI, the list includes Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey, and content marketer/keynote speaker Andrew Davis. To be brief: these ideas alone delivered their authors 31 million views on youtube, 100 000 leads and 3 000 new blog subscribers. Indeed, that’s something worthy to check.

#2: 28% of e-commerce websites are suffering from severe user experience issues.

And the reason for that is inconsistency in UX design of product pages. Briefly, the large-scale UX research, conducted by Baymard Institute showed that 28% of major e-commerce websites have issues synchronizing content between different product variations. Which of course creates incorrect experience and misleads customers.

To help you avoid a situation like that, Baymard Institute provides extensive information on interlinking product variations, replicating “core content” across all variations of the product, labeling variation-specific content, etc. Real-life examples and customer feedbacks provided.

#3: 11 don’ts of the product photography that will boost your e-commerce sales when avoided.

And we mean that. Product photography is crucial for any e-commerce brand. That’s the very face of your business, which can make or break the deal.
22% of the returns are made because product photo on a website and product arrived do not look the same.

As a team of photography enthusiasts, we keep noticing the same mistakes in numerous e-commerce product photographs. However basic they may seem, eliminating them will make the difference to the sales level and the profit of an e-commerce store. We collected 11 common trouble points and provided detailed guidance on how to avoid them. Furthermore, how to keep your sales and your customers’ experience at a decent level. Speaking from our 10-years expertise.

#4: 1 minute and 22 seconds video about how to reveal glitches in your UI using visitor recordings.

This piece is telling us how to reveal 3 types of customer behavior signalizing about bugs on your website. No need to explain that troubles with UI could cost you sales.

For those who don’t like videos, there is a text explanation provided. This exact material is fourth in the video series about conversion rate optimization tips, so if you liked it, you should check previous parts as well.

#5: Is your business even reaching its break-even point?

An absolute must-read for every business owner. The extensive guide on what is break-even point and what are its components. Plus a simple calculator to help you find out the break-even point for your own business.

With this tool, you can find out the number of products you need to sell to break even, and a needed amount of them to sell to make your target profit. Super helpful and easy to use, even if finance and math seem like magic for you. Give it a try.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! If you want to get the next digest direct to your inbox, leave us your email below.

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Product A
November 7, 2021

E-commerce Weekly Digest #1. Top 5 Stories of This Week

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