Earn up to 15% commission on Affiliate Sales

A simple way to make money for referring people to Squareshot. There's no limit on how much you can earn.

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Share a unique link with your audience

Once you sign up you'll get unique links so you can share them on your website, app, blog, social media or videos.

Use a library of 300+ pre-made media assets

We've created a library of beautifully designed ad banners in different colors, types, and sizes to help you convert more.

Track conversions and earnings

Always stay on track: how many users signed up by your links with product photo affiliate offers, how big their orders are, and how much you've earned.

Make payouts via PayPal

Check the balance available for payouts and get your cash within 2 business days to your verified PayPal account.

What are the affiliate
options we offer

One time commission | 15%

You will earn 15% of the first net order value paid by the customer you referred to our website.

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12 months commission | 5%

You will earn 5% of each net order value paid by your referral within 12 months since the first order.

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Discount | 15%

Bring more value to your referrals by providing an exclusive 15% discount on our services.

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Who the affiliate
program is for

Our clients


You know our product better than anyone. Share your love of Squareshot. The more you share, the more you earn.

Studios & Agencies


Make Squareshot a part of your team. Deliver a more complete solution to your clients with top-notch product shots.

Designers & Developers


Creating a website for d2c brands or e-commerce businesses? They would be happy to get their product shot.



Make your sellers’ lives much easier and improve the overall image quality on your platform by referring them to us.

SaaS eCommerce


Bring more value to your customers by providing them a discount to product imagery service they definitely need.

Media networks


Use our links and 300+ pre-made ad banners, to earn with our e-commerce photography affiliate program.



Deliver the value to your audience by promoting something you enjoy and get a 5-15% kickback on that.

Bloggers & Writers


Passionate about eCommerce? Including Squareshot’s affiliate links to your blog is a great tool for monetizing your efforts.



Your followers trust you. Sharing services like Squareshot with your audience can bring trust to the next level.

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Affiliate program FAQ

How do you track conversions?


All conversions are tracked through unique affiliate links you share with your audience by using an affiliate tracking cookie. The links provided by Squareshot. You can find those links in your affiliate program dashboard.

What is the affiliate tracking cookie?


An affiliate tracking cookie is a file that is created and stored on your referrals' web browser when they click on one of the affiliate links placed on your website. This allows us to have the ability to be certain that we can determine where sales have come from.

How long is your cookie life?


We provide a 30-day cookie life. Cookie life defines, how long will be valid relation between your referral and you as an affiliate after your referral clicks on your affiliate link.

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If the referral will order our services within 30 days, you as an affiliate will get a commission for such sale. If the customer referred by you will order our services after this period, commissions will not be assigned to you as an affiliate, because the cookie already expired.

Do you have links to specific content?


Of course! In your affiliate dashboard, you'll find the links to various highly converting landing pages, homepage, pricing page, success stories and many more.

How much can I earn?


There's no limit on how much you can earn with our affiliate program. The more you share, the more you earn.

Still have any questions?


Email us, or chat with our customer success manager. We're happy to help!